Custom Shopify Sites for Under $1000

Includes Three (3) 1-hour Voice Training Sessions. Store Setup (specific to your industry), Logo & Branding, and Minor Store Customizations. Launch your own custom Shopify store for under $1000.


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  • Accept Payments Apple Pay and Google Pay with Shopify Payments

    Accept Apple Pay with TouchID®

    We set up your new Shopify store with Apple PayandGoogle Pay so your customers can purchase your items, and pass shipping address data, with just their thumbprint.  No more typing in account details. This greatly increases sales.

  • Accept Apple Pay

    Get Notified When You Get A Sale

    Your Shopify store setup comes with order notification setup so you'll know right away when you get an order.  We'll blow your phone up with alerts and your iPad, too, if you want it.  You won't ever miss a sale.

  • Unlimited Product Inventory & Import

    Import your entire inventory without limitations.  Whether you've got a few hundred pieces or a few thousand, you'll be able to list it all and have it organized by color and style so your customers can find what they want. When  you're ready, push your inventory to other Sales Channels.

  • Paparazzi Shopify Inventory Import Service

    Fully Customized Shopify Store Setup For Your Specific Business Type

    Categories, Branding, Product Import Assistance, Training, Support. You could pay thousands of $ more for the same service but why pay more? When our project is complete, you'll be prepped for success. Reach out for more information.