Launching A New Shopify Site:  How We Work

Launching A New Shopify Site: How We Work

Jumpstart Your Paparazzi Business with a New Shopify Store Completely Set Up For You

Easy 3-step process to get started.

STEP 1. Pay for the ShopaSetup service

STEP 2. Fill out your Shopify Store information

STEP 3. Book Your Launch Appointment

It's that easy. Our Setup service includes: Custom Domain Setup, Categories, Shipping Rules, Payment Gateways, Themed in Paparazzi pink. Accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, VISA/MC/AMEX.

We love this stuff, we know Paparazzi, and we're fast, good, and inexpensive. Let's face it—$5 Jewelry has a low margin and we priced this service for you all. This service costs several thousand dollars elsewhere. We actually get emails from people thinking it's too inexpensive to be true. It's not. It takes us 4 hours to launch your site. We're good and we're fast. And, we train you to help yourself moving forward. We are located in Portland, Oregon USA and there is a real-live human working with you and answering your questions.

We'll even import some of your inventory in for you and show you how to do it, images, quantity, everything. We want you to be successful.

We're a relatively-new service. Please take a moment and view our reviews—we're your Shopify friends long after the sale is over.

Hope to see you soon,

Garry from ShopaSetup


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