FTC Disclosure

The disclosure that follows is designed to ensure ShopaSetup's full compliance with the Federal Trade Commission's policy that demands ShopaSetup.com be transparent about any and all affiliate relations ShopaSetup.com may have on this website.

ShopaSetup is affiliated to Shopify through a Shopify Partner relationship.  ShopaSetup receives an ongoing "new-site startup" commission from Shopify when ShopaSetup launches a brand new Shopify site.  ShopaSetup does not receive commission from product sales of the stores it launches for customers. The term "commission" refers to Shopify's payment to ShopaSetup.

Other than the ShopaSetup/Shopify Partner relationship described above, ShopaSetup does not receive products, nor cash, in exchange for any relationship with any vendor or vendor services on this site.

No one has paid ShopaSetup to do reviews, posts, or recommend a company's solutions. ShopaSetup does not engage in paid reviews, in any form, with any site or service—and we don't hang out with people that do, either.  

ShopaSetup.com informs you that it is possible that our recommendations might appear to be influenced by our affiliate relationships and may appear to create a conflict of interest.  For example, ShopaSetup may suggest Shopify Payments during the setup process.  However, this suggestion is based on a) ease of customer setup, and, b) superior turnkey payment options, and is not influenced by the relationship that exists between ShopaSetup and Shopify.  ShopaSetup does not believe a conflict of interest exists, but you, the visitor or customer, must decide by considering the affiliate relationships ShopaSetup has described.   

ShopaSetup avoids conflict by only recommending products, services or solutions that ShopaSetup feels are truly the best for the customer for that situation, regardless of whether those recommendations involve Shopify.   

If you would like to further discuss ShopaSetup's relationship with Shopify, or other affiliate partners, if applicable, feel free to reach out at legal [at] ShopaSetup.com.