How To Add Paparazzi Jewelry Products Into Shopify

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We recommend using Chrome browser for this task and a full-size computer or laptop. To do this fastest, you will need the required Chrome Extensions listed at the bottom of this page.

đź‘‹ Here are the steps:

  2. DOWNLOAD the product’s IMAGE
  3. In Shopify , click PRODUCTS, then ADD PRODUCT
  4. Copy and paste the item’s TITLE
  5. Upload the item’s IMAGES.  
  6. Set the item PRICE to $5
  7. Specify the QUANTITY you have on hand
  8. Set VENDOR to “Paparazzi Accessories”
  9. Set COLLECTION to the item's style. (e.g. Bracelets, Earrings, etc)
  10. Set COLLECTION to "Featured Items” to Feature the item on the HOME PAGE.
  11. In the TAGS section, add the item’s color(s).
  12. Click SAVE

👋 Congratulations. You’ve just added your product!


Adding Paparazzi Accessories Products Into Your Shopify