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Personalized Voice Support & Upgrade Session

Personalized Voice Support & Upgrade Session

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For current ShopaSetup customers only.

A personalized, real-time session done via voice with you with a Shopify Partner and expert.

Do you prefer talking with someone while doing technical tasks?  If so, this is the product for you.

Previous Sessions:
  • Launch Assistance
  • Adding Images, Sections
  • Theme upgrades and fixes
  • Logo Addition
  • New Sliders
  • Theme Adjustment
  • Theme Upload or Preview
  • Sales Channel Connections
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Overall Site Improvements and Fixes 

Product Import Training 

You'll learn how to use your ShopaSetup Shopify site and your Paparazzi back office together to import your inventory DIRECTLY into your Shopify site.  No more cutting and pasting titles or downloading product images.  This is a life changer.

Live Jewelry Show Training

Selling Your Paparazzi jewelry by doing a live jewelry show is the tried-and-trusted method for selling your inventory.  It works.  By the end of our appointment, you'll be ready to do your first show.

We'll learn how to use Facebook and your Shopify site together to do a live jewelry show.  You'll learn how to create a steady VIP customer base, increase your viewership,  strategies for fulfilling orders. and technical training. 

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